Next Generation desktop wallet

Our entire wallet has been redone to bring massive and much needed usability improvements.

HD desktop wallet with mnemonic (recovery phrase) support

Fully backwards compatible with recovery phrases from older Android and iOS wallets.

Fully integrated accounts within wallet physical seperation between accounts

Back up all your accounts with just a single recovery phrase.

New HD Link feature

Fully link your funds between specific accounts and your mobile devices, for fund management across devices with unprecedented ease.

Bitcoin and IBAN

Pay bitcoin or IBAN directly from your desktop wallet via seamless Nocks integration.

In app purchase

Purchase Gulden directly in app via integrated purchasing.

Local currency

Display of local currency estimates integrated directly into the desktop app.

Update of our underlying codebase

Codebase 0.13 brings thousands of bug fixes, performance enhancements and important new functionality for vendors (such as ZMQ).

Updated mobile apps

Bringing many performance improvements, bug fixes, and in app purchasing for Android.


Improvements to our DELTA difficulty algorithm that will bring increased network performance going forward.

1 NLG is now € {{ticker.buy | number:4}}