25-04-2017 – 1.6.4

Release notes:

Today we release an interim 1.6.4 update, there is various functionality that we needed to get out to our users and more specifically to enable merchants to build better systems. Specifically we are excited to now officially support the ability to have a completely read only HD wallet that can view all transactions/accounts that a normal HD wallet has, as well as the ability to link single read only HD accounts from a different wallet, this is a much sought after feature for our services who can use this to air gap their merchant sites and roll out more secure systems faster.


CMDFLAG – Add new command line flag ‘-coinbasesignature’ to make it easy to add coinbase signatures to generated blocks (predominantly meant for testnet)
CMDFLAG – Add new command line flag ‘-accountpool’ to increase the default account look ahead size. (Needed in some cases to find accounts on rescan when large account gaps are present)
UI – Add a special warning if the users wallet.dat is readonly (instead of displaying a generic/scary ‘corrupted wallet’ message)
UI – Improvements to send dialog, improve handling when user tries to send amounts equal too or larger than available balance.
UI – New menu item for importing private keys.
UI – New menu item to allow users to easily rescan without having to use command line flags or mess around in RPC console.
UI – Improve the way rescan (and other actions that require progress) display in the program.
UI – Fix a bug where transaction screen would sometimes show transactions for all accounts instead of just the active one.
RPC – Modify createaccount command so that it can also create legacy accounts.
RPC – New commands for read only (watch) HD accounts. getreadonlyaccount, importreadonlyaccount.
RPC – New command for read only (watch) HD seeds, getreadonlyseed.
RPC – New ‘deleteaccount’ command
RPC – Modify ‘move’ command so that it can handle `-1` as input for the amount field, passing ‘-1’ will calculate the available balance in the account for the confirmation level passed and transfer all of it.
RPC – Merge a bug fix from user ‘mezrin’ for ‘dumpwallet’ command.
RPC – Fix a bug in command ‘gettransaction’ where transaction would not show if ‘rpconlylistsecuredtransactions’ flag was set to false.
CORE/RPC/UI – Support for read only (watch) HD accounts.
CORE/RPC/UI – Support for read only (watch) HD seeds.
CORE – Assorted other minor bug fixes.


Development on Prime is progressing nicely and we still on schedule to release near the estimated release date.

04-04-2017 – Gulden turns 3 today.

The Gulden team would like to thank all Gulden users for their support over the last 3 years, the future is looking even better than the past, with the exciting projects and new community services that will be released in the near future.

06-03-2017 – It’s time for us to grow!

New Core Team members:

As of the 1st March David Joffe has officially joined the core development team. David has been working with Malcolm, our current core developer, for around 10 years. David has a similar skill set to Malcolm with extensive experience in networking code.

On the 1st June Rits will be joining the team as an iOS/OSX developer, more details on his projects will be announced on the roadmap closer to his appointment date.

It was paramount that we grew the team at the right time and more importantly with the right people. This has been made possible by the continued funding by the Gulden users at Gulden shares . Thank you!

Due to the new appointments we are now able to move away from the linear way of dealing with our projects and replace it with a multi focus approach.

Expect more updates from us in the near future regarding our projects.

09-01-2017 – The evolution of DELTA differential algorithm:

The 17th May 2015 DELTA was born on the Gulden blockchain, its main purpose was to prevent the extremely long block times we would experience due to the combination of ASICs and Profit switching pools targeting the Gulden blockchain. Our community being predominantly new to Digital currencies were not miners and participated and contributed in other areas of Gulden.

The development of DELTA began at a time when our longest block times started breaching over 3 hours on some days and we were averaging 130 blocks per day.
The 6th May 2015 we experienced a 1086 minute (18.1 hr) block and 23 blocks in total for the day, 11 days before DELTA went live. Our community at the time invested in mining campaigns which provided dedicated hash and helped keep the blocks coming in until we crossed the DELTA line.

DELTA goes live:

It was a day of celebration and the positive effects were noticed immediately, 11 days after our worst blockchain performance our longest block time was 46 minutes and 371 blocks for the day was achieved. The Gulden blockchain could finally keep itself moving along without the need for serious amounts of dedicated hash.
While the first implementation of DELTA was a huge improvement and kept the blockchain moving without the need for any further mining campaigns, it was still far from perfect.
As a development team we were content with leaving DELTA in its current form so we could put energy and time into other projects we needed to get out the way and revisit the DELTA implementation at a later stage.

The growth spurt:

2016 was the year Gulden started seeing some serious growth in users especially in the last half of the year. With more users came more services and ultimately more demands on our blockchain. We started to experience an influx of support calls related to initial syncing issues brought about by > 30 minute block times which would self-correct once a block was found. The time had come to improve on DELTA to provide a better overall experience for our growing user base.

Real Gulden block numbers vs Expected numbers:

The 3 goals we needed to achieve with the next DELTA update was getting Gulden in line with the expected daily block numbers, reducing the longest block times and increased hash rate which adds additional security.
With the expected 150 second (2.5 min) block average it was important to aim for the around the perfect average of 576 blocks per day and at this stage we were averaging 420 blocks daily. Our longest daily blocks ranged from 34-50 minutes.

16th December 2016 the updated DELTA version went live:

It didn’t take long before we noticed that both our goals for this update had been achieved. A medium of around 576 blocks daily and 17 minutes became our new longest average daily block time, the improved performance was felt by services and existing users when transacting over our blockchain. This equated to a +-23% improvement in block numbers and a massive +-60% reduction in longest block times.
This resulted in a lot more mining power (hash rate) which in turn improves security and overall health of the Gulden blockchain.

The future for DELTA:

Our team strives for perfection and while we are happy with the current state of DELTA there is always ways to do things better. Part of this comes with our next major update, code named PRIME I which is expected end of March/April and more details about this project will be discussed closer to release.

15-12-2016 – DELTA switchover – New Gulden for iOS and Android wallets available

Interim Gulden for iOS download:

The new interim Gulden for iOS wallet has been uploaded to cater for the changes to DELTA, this is not the 1.6 update for iOS which is still coming soon.

Gulden for Android

A new update has been released for Gulden for Android for the same reason as iOS.

DELTA update:

At block 437500 the new updated version of the DELTA diff algorithm will kick in, we are excited for the changes we have made and expect a positive impact to be made on the blockchain overall. We will monitor the changes over the next few weeks
and provide feedback on DELTA’s performance. The changeover is expected to occur around 4pm GMT +1.

01-12-2016 – 1.6.0 – It’s time

1. Next Generation QT wallets

Much improved UX and new interface

Our new core wallets have undergone a major facelift with practicality in mind. The beautiful user friendly design gives a familiar feel with our mobile wallets but with a lot more features and control you would expect from the core desktop wallets. The new wallets will be the base we build up from as we implement new and exciting features as discussed below.

2. New HD Link feature

The main feature update for this release is our own Hierarchical deterministic implementation between our new core QT desktop wallets and both our mobile wallets (iOS Soon). To put this in layman’s terms you can now share your Gulden addresses between your Desktop and Mobile wallets. This gives users peace of mind if they lose their iOS or Android phones, users will still have access to their funds on the desktop wallet. HD wallets also means less frequent backups required.

Become your own central bank for you and your family by having centralized control over your decentralized Gulden wallets.

A use case example for the new Link feature:

You are married with kids, you can create a mobile account for each one of your family members and link it to your Gulden for desktop wallet. You have complete control of all linked accounts on your Desktop wallet. In the event that one of your children loses their phone, you’ll be able to withdraw all funds from that account. Or say if your spouse is out shopping and needs more Gulden, you’re able to transfer funds from another account/s to their account. In both cases, fund are transferred almost instantly.

3. Accounts and Privacy

Gulden for Desktop now uses accounts which you can add to serve different purposes. We have 2 different account creation types.

* Normal Accounts
* Mobile Accounts – which enables the link feature between your desktop and mobile device.

The additional privacy comes in for both deposits and withdrawals.

* Gulden deposits:

Gulden for desktop wallets will use a different Gulden address each time you receive Gulden, this way the depositors will have no way of knowing who else is sending you Gulden to your wallet.
Note: A depositor can continue to use the address you gave them for multiple deposits.

* Gulden withdrawals:

With accounts you can separate your payments depending on it’s intended use without the recipients of your Gulden knowing what other transactions your doing from within your wallet.
eg. You can have 1 account for family transactions and another for business transactions.

4. HD desktop wallet with mnemonic (recovery phrase) support

Fully backwards compatible with recovery phrases from older Android and iOS wallets.

5. Gulden and bitcoin payments added to desktop wallets

Like our Gulden for iOS and Gulden for Android wallets you can now pay at all Gulden and Bitcoin merchants with the desktop wallets.

6. In App purchasing added for iDeal and Bancontact users for Desktop and Android wallets

Users in the Netherlands and Belgium will be able to make in app purchases for amounts of 50 Euros or less within Gulden for Desktop and Android wallets. For larger purchases you will need to visit Nocks.co .

More purchase options to be introduced in the future.

7. Wire transfers added to desktop wallets

Like our Gulden for iOS and Gulden for Android wallets you can now do wire transfers to IBAN bank accounts.


Our DELTA diff algorithm underwent some improvements to smooth out blocktimes, since the inception of DELTA we have been monitoring the behaviour of the Gulden blockchain with regards to block times and the changes will bring increased network performance going forward.
DELTA switch over will be at block 437500

9. Additional currency support added to Gulden for iOS and Gulden for Desktop.

This brings Gulden for iOS and Desktop inline with the same supported currencies as Gulden for Android.

10. Gulden updated to 0.13 Codebase from previously updated 0.11 Codebase

Codebase 0.13 brings thousands of bug fixes, performance enhancements and important new functionality for vendors (such as ZMQ).

Future updates for 2016.

* Gulden for iOS soon.
* Gulden for Desktop 1.6.1 – Add additional features that did not make it for this release.
* Prime development (To be completed 1st 1/4 2017)

27-10-2016 – Gulden for iOS performance update:

Due to the sudden surge in new users Gulden has had in recent months we had to divert attention to improving the mobile wallets, Android already had a few releases and now it’s iOS’s turn. Current users will notice a perfomance increase immediately while new users will have a much improved first time experience. A few minor bug fixes was also added to this update.

For our users outside of the Eurozone additional currency options have been added to match what is already available on Gulden for Android.

Full focus and attention is back on the 1.6.0 release which should enter phase 3 testing this weekend.

06-10-2016 – Testing on 1.6.0 release has officially started

The plan for testing is as follows:

1. Internal Team testing.
2. Nocks team.
3. First group of beta testers.
4. Individual app testing for a larger group of beta testers.
5. Solve any issues/bugs that arise.
6. Announce official release date.

We have a strict testing plan in place as we cannot afford to have any serious bugs crop up for our end users. The update has a lot of new code and code changes we have to make sure is working smoothly and performing the way it is intended. The first group of beta testers are long term members in the community who we trust not to leak out any information before we move onto phase 4 of testing.

Below is the total updates excluding changes to the mobile wallets that have gone into this release and why we have to push testing to the limits.
57 files changed, 7568 insertions(+), 170 deletions(-)

We are really excited about getting 1.6.0 into YOUR lives… more updates to come.

20-09-2016 – Gulden for Android performance update:

After the recent surge in Android users we have had various feedback on issues experienced on some android devices. This release resolves the following and improves the overall experience for our Android based users.

1. Leaving the wallet open for a extended period of time would cause a no response error.
2. Resetting the blockchain would result in a minute delay before the sync process would start. This is now instant.
3. Ticker perfomance improved.
4. All of the backend libraries have been updated.

The majority of our users have been very positive about the Gulden for Android wallet however we want to make sure our software works flawlessly for every user on their preferred device.

Development update on 1.6.0:

We are putting all the nuts and bolts together for our first major development update, we still on track for testing to begin at the end of September.

20-08-2016 – 1.6.0 confirmed for next release.

We have changed the roadmap to put the 1.6.0 update as the next release and this will combine what was originally planned for in terms of development.

1.6.0 will form the base in which we will build on for all our wallets moving forward and we have a couple of great surprises for our users that will take usability to the next level.

From a development perspective this will be our largest and most exciting update yet and with the additional tasks we have pushed back the release date to September.

Users within our slack community will get to beta test a variety of features once we are happy with our own internal testing.

Please review our updated development roadmap using the link below.

Gulden Roadmap

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