05-07-2016 – Thank you!

On Behalf of the core development team I would like to thank the Gulden users who contributed to completing the development funding. We have a never ending amount of work to get through and it is sure going to come a lot quicker as a result of raising these funds. We will not disappoint and we extremely excited with what we have in store for all of you.

05-06-2016 – Project Q unveiled – Gulden adds SEPA support to mobile wallets

Gulden users can now do wire transfers to any IBAN/SEPA QR code using the Gulden for iOS and Android app. This adds another dimension to the usability of our mobile solution which already offers payments to all Gulden and Bitcoin Merchants. This makes Gulden fully compatible with IBAN/SEPA straight from the mobile app.

For more Details regarding todays update please review the below link.
Gulden adds SEPA support to mobile wallets

17-05-2016 – Development roadmap for 2016 revealed

We have revealed our projects for 2016, the below Roadmap link on the development page gives a list of projects in order that we aim to complete this year. All of our projects have a purpose of improving Gulden in all aspects from security to usability. The importance of these project cannot be underestimated as we expect large growth in Gulden users this year.
Development Roadmap

09-05-2016 – Gulden for Android version released

We released a small update and some minor bug fixes we picked up since the release of Gulden for Android, one of the updates include the ability of third party QR scanners to recognize the Gulden QR codes and open the Gulden for Android application directly to the payment screen with address inserted.

As mentioned before we will continue to update our wallets with new features, bug fixes and UI changes indefinitely.

09-04-2016 – Development Update

Yesterday we released Gulden for Android and the response from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. We have made using Gulden that much easier and widespread by enabling purchases at all Gulden and Bitcoin merchants with transaction speeds at a blink of an eye.

Our new mobile wallets, while fantastic as they are now, are just the first iterations and will form as the foundation for us to build on going forward.

Mobile updates moving forward:

While we developed Gulden for iOS and Gulden for Android a couple months apart, all future updates will be done in tandem as we want to keep the wallet features, look and feel in sync. Our mobile wallets must never be a reason for a choice between a iOS or Android device.

Future Developments:


Funding for Prime was completed around 2 months ago and it becomes the primary focus for the team. The main objectives for Prime is to enable instant trustable payments by enabling a safe way to do zero confirmation transactions that is completely secure against double spend attacks, other minor objectives are being looked at and will be communicated in due time.

Desktop Wallets:

A update to the desktop wallets will slot in during Prime and will include code and graphical changes.

The Project that will not be named: 🙂

More details to come during Prime development.


These include bug fixes, new features and patch updates.

08-04-2016 – Development statement regarding third party work.

Over the last month we have been approached by various people outside of the Gulden community to either help
with development of their own coin or to develop a new coin for them. In some cases a large financial incentive
to do so. While we are inspired by the confidence in our development team we want it to be known that our focus
is 110% on Gulden and we are unable to accommodate any requests that do not involve the Gulden project.

07-02-2016 – Gulden for iOS released on the App store!

Gulden for iOS has been released on the App Store, if you want a secure, fast and user friendly payment application that allows you to use Gulden at any Gulden or Bitcoin merchant then look no further. The design of this standalone wallet is unique and will be used for our new Android wallet.

Gulden for iOS on App Store.

Project codename: PRIME – funding almost complete:

PRIME our new project which will offer additional blockchain security from double spends and include instant payments has almost been completely funded. Thanks for the support from our users who can see we are delivering on each project.

The funding also comes with a special once off Gulden physical coin being produced by Guldens main designer and for each package you take you will also receive a physical coin and 10k Gulden, if you are interested in participating in the funding of PRIME please go to the below link.

PRIME funding

03-02-2016 – Gulden for iOS has been submitted to Apple for approval

iOS update:

Gulden for iOS was submitted late yesterday evening by the Nocks team, the process of being accepted can take anything up to 6 weeks with the first bit of feedback normally within 2 week. We will keep our users updated on the progress from Apple.

Gulden for iOS allows for users to purchase at any online and offline Gulden and bitcoin merchants in a user friendly manner, if you cannot wait to download from the App store and want to try the wallet out ASAP, then you can get it from testflight using the link below to get started.

Gulden for iOS

The feedback from our testers has been extremely positive on all fronts including design, ease of use and quick response/payment times.

Android update:

Development has started on Android for Gulden which will be developed with the same features and feel as Gulden for iOS. We will have a more detailed update as we get closer to launch in March.

Current Android wallet updated:

Our developers have pushed a final release for the current Android wallet, this was released on the 23rd January 2016 and will see us through until Gulden for Android development has been completed. Make sure to get the latest version from the play store from the link below.

Android wallet download

16-01-2016 – The mobile wallet update

Gulden for iOS:

I am pleased to announce that the iOS beta testing has been completed and Gulden for iOS wallet will be submitted to Apple within the next week. For those users that want to install and test out the wallet in the meantime please submit a request to the testflight link below. The iOS wallet allows you to make purchases at all Gulden and Bitcoin merchants with your Gulden.

Gulden for iOS

Gulden for Android:

We are in the planning stage for the new Android wallet and actual coding will begin next week. The android wallet will have a similar look and feel to the iOS wallet and with the same functionality of being able to purchase at all Gulden and Bitcoin merchants with your Gulden. There is a plan to add something extra for the android wallet and this will be revealed once we have confirmation from our services team.

Other projects being worked on for the first quarter of 2016 is Prime and latest code base update. More details on these projects will be made available at a later date.

06-01-2016 – Compliments of the season from the Gulden Team, we would like to start off by mentioning the first updates of 2016

Gulden funding website for new projects launched:

This will be the funding site for the development team in order to complete important projects.

The first project for 2016 being Gulden for Android which will allow all Android users to pay at all Gulden and Bitcoin
merchants in a simple and fast manner. It will also include a completely new layout that is in line with the iOS version
that was recently developed and is currently in Testflight.

At the time of this post funding for Gulden for Android has reached 72%, if you would like to fund this project and
receive Gulden in return you can go to the following link.

Gulden for Android funding

iOS wallet released on Testflight for testing:

Gulden for iOS has already been completed and is in Testflight for bug testing before we submit to Apple, this wallet also allows you to pay with ease at all Gulden and Bitcoin merchants.

Please sign up to get the iOS wallet and give us feedback.
iOS for Gulden on Testflight

2016 will bring about many innovative and ease of use features and products for Gulden, so stay tuned!

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