Algorithm: scrypt PoW DELTA
Transaction confirmations: 6
Total coins: 1680M
Premine reserved for development, marketing and funding of community projects: 170M (10%)
Starting diff: 0.00244
Block reward: 100 G
Block time: 150 seconds


DELTA is the most advanced diff algorithm that has been developed by the Gulden development team to keep our blockchain running smooth and to give our dedicated miners better value. Multi/Jump pools have changed the game and DELTA is our answer to them.


On the Gulden Github we make Gulden. Follow the progress with general updates and a debate about the code every now and again. We can use your help!

Your contribution to Gulden

Gulden is decentralized and completely open source. This means that the code is accessible to everyone so everyone can contribute to Gulden in their own way. Whether you are an experienced PHP, GOlang, C++, Java or Python developer, your help is always welcome. You can write code, fix bugs, discuss code or help development.

Want to report a bug?

You can open an issue on the Gulden Github to discuss the bug.


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